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Struggling to find a viable use for the heat produced by your CHP units.Our Organic concentrator will reduce your liquid digestate volume by up to 70%. It is not a drying process, there are no emissions to air, or noisey and expensive fans to run. Its a 100% liquid based process that concentrates all the nutrients into a liquid that can be pumped, transported and spread using your existing equipment. Simply reducing the cost of spreading. If… Read More >

Cycle challenge to Bordeaux

David Cosford, Managing Director of 5D Group was the founding member and inspiration behind the cycle challenge to Bordeaux.New @ExeterChiefs Cycling Club formed theexeterdaily.co.uk/news/business-… @Exe_Foundation #Exeter #Devon pic.twitter.com/8yP6VgMwH1 Read More >

DECC Heat Pump Efficiency Data.

Whilst renewable electricity has grown rapidly to 25% of our power, renewable heat lags in the single figures and presents a much tougher challenge. Heat pumps play a key role in the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) strategy but questions on their effectiveness have slowed progress. Long awaited DECC data has now been published which… Read More >

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