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Our Services

5D GROUP aim to work closely with you on your commercial or domestic project. We have worked on big scale public projects and also with the individuals to improve their housholds performance. Wheter you run a commercial or domestic project, we are here to find the best solution for you, save your cost and improve your company carbon footprint. With the experienced team of professionals, we can offer you the extended range of services. We also work closely with other professionals specialising in other renewable energy divisions, so if you require additional expertise we are willing to act on your behalf. We do our best to ensure our website is up to date with all information to make it the best tool for you, although if you have any questions or would like to meet us personally, please contact us us on 01752 710575 or

Latest News

Struggling to find a viable use for the heat produced by your CHP units.Our Organic concentrator will reduce your liquid digestate volume by up to 70%. It is not a drying process, there are no emissions to air, or noisey and expensive fans to run. Its a 100% liquid based process… Read More >
David Cosford, Managing Director of 5D Group was the founding member and inspiration behind the cycle challenge to Bordeaux.New @ExeterChiefs Cycling Club formed theexeterdaily.co.uk/news/business-… @Exe_Foundation #Exeter #Devon pic.twitter.com/8yP6VgMwH1 Read More >
Whilst renewable electricity has grown rapidly to 25% of our power, renewable heat lags in the single figures and presents a much tougher challenge. Heat pumps play a key role in the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) strategy but questions on their effectiveness have… Read More >

 Biomass is the fourth largest energy source in the world after oil, coal and gas. It involves the production of renewable energy using sustainably managed plant and wood fuels primarily in chip, log or pellet form. However, additional fuels such as miscanthus, sawdust, grain and even food waste can be used. The most important aspect of any Biomass system is the design which will ensure that hot water and heat are available to the client whenever they are needed. The quality… Read More >

Waste to Energy
5E Waste to Energy

At 5D Group we focus on providing our clients with technologies designed to convert waste into usable energy, reducing disposal costs and offsetting energy costs. We provide 2 different technologies, Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion. Convert Organic Waste to Biomass FuelAHPA Approved ProcessABP Approved Rendering plant for CAT 3 Materials.ABP Approved Rendering plant for pre-treatment of other Category WasteTreats from 200 kG per day to 50 Tonnes per day.Produces a biomass fuel to provide… Read More >


By working closely with you, 5D Group can provide the Solar PV or Solar Thermal system that best suits your needs. Being truly independent of any manufacturer allows us to design and configure systems that provide optimal performance. We work closely with our clients to analyse their current and future energy demands, to ensure that the new technology is integrated with any existing configuration seamlessly and with the minimum of disruption.Why 5D Group?Your trust is important to… Read More >

Service, Maintenance and Operating Contracts for ALL technologies

Protecting your investment and ensuring ongoing efficiency of an installed system is an important consideration. At 5D Group we offer a fully tailored maintenance and operating contract; from basic annual services to more comprehensive solutions, offering cover around the clock. When choosing your installation partner, it is comforting to know they are with you for the duration of the journey. At 5D GROUP we focus on maintaining equipment and systems at peak efficiency, so enabling you… Read More >


Due to spiralling costs, energy efficiency is more important and high profile than ever for business. It is an area which is often overlooked but can provide real and substantial savings. Building management systems allow our customers to measure, monitor, manage and subsequently reduce their energy costs. 5D Systems will provide a comprehensive BMS service which includes design, installation and commissioning. Each system is specifically tailored to our client's needs. Our support is on-going as… Read More >