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5D Biomass

 Biomass is the fourth largest energy source in the world after oil, coal and gas. It involves the production of renewable energy using sustainably managed plant and wood fuels primarily in chip, log or pellet form. However, additional fuels such as miscanthus, sawdust, grain and even food waste can be used. 

The most important aspect of any Biomass system is the design which will ensure that hot water and heat are available to the client whenever they are needed. The quality of the fuel used is also very important with particular emphasis on a low moisture content (ideally 25%) and the ease with which it can be delivered to reduce ongoing fuel costs. Finally the choice of boiler must meet the requirements of the system and the client. With a variety of different boilers on the market, 5D Group will advise you on those that are the most efficient and cost effective for your needs.

5D Group chooses from a wide variety of biomass boilers ranging from fairly basic log and multi-fuel boilers to more sophisticated and automated wood chip and wood pellet boilers. The boiler range all use tried and tested technology and offer a range of features, efficiency and convenience that can equal or better the best fossil fuel fired systems. Timers, auto-ignition, automatic fuel feed, de-ashing and sophisticated building management systems all contribute to ensuring that using biomass as a primary heating fuel can be as straightforward as using fossil fuels.  

Why 5D Group?

Our time spent understanding exactly what our clients are looking to achieve means we can design and install bespoke Biomass systems that turn theories into reality. We seek to represent your best interests at all times and have unparalleled  experience in designing bespoke boiler systems in a number of business sectors. Our wealth of practical Biomass experience enables us to integrate any renewable technology into any system whether this be a domestic, commercial, community or district heating scheme. In addition we work closely with other professionals to help design the renewable energy scheme that best fits your needs.

  • Stover School plant room

  • Twin heat boiler burning sawdust at Higher Ashton

  • Compton Pool Farm

  • Compton Pool Farm

  • Herz boiler

  • ETA pellets boiler

  • ETA boiler

  • Biomass 11

Biomass is the logical renewable energy source where you presently use oil or LPG or are not on the gas grid. Biomass can be wood pellet, wood chip, logs, wheat or miscanthus or whatever can be burned as fuel. Biomass can be fully automated, by incorporating auto cleaning and de-ashing systems, for example, or auto ignition. Good fuel feeding mechanisms ensure that biomass heating systems are no more complicated than your existing heating installation. Advice from 5D Group professionals: "When designing a biomass system don't forget about simple aspects, like your fuel store; think about the location, so your supplier can deliver your fuel exactly where you need it."


  • We have no tie to a manufacturer, technology or fuel.
  • We offer truly independent and expert advice to tailor a package specifically for you.
  • We are experienced in designing bespoke boiler systems - we treat each system as a different project.
  • We are able to integrate biomass into any size project: domestic, commercial and district heating systems.
  • We work with other experts to provide unbiased advice on the best solution for your biomass heating requirements.
The Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) is designed to provide financial support to encourage individuals, communities and businesses to switch from using fossil fuel for heating, to renewables such as wood fuel - biomass systems. The RHI was recently launched for commercial systems, with the domestic incentive expected to start early next year. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme offers a lump sum grant towards the cost of installing a domestic system. 

The RHI also provides businesses with an additional financial benefit to promote the use of renewable fuels. Once the initial investment has been repaid, many businesses are likely to see a net income from using Biomass energy. A typical return on investment in the Commercial Market at present is around 15% - 18% and the RHI is expected to be available to the domestic market from 2014.

The RHI is a Government payment for each kilowatt hour of heat used, in addition to any saving available on fuel usage. It is metered and paid quarterly for most installations and  provides a 20 year Government backed income, linked to the Retail Price Index. It can provide a significant income over a 20 year period.

Modern biomass combustion systems are highly sophisticated, offering combustion efficiency and emission levels comparable with the best fossil fuel boilers. Biomass can be sourced locally within the UK so assisting the security of supply and UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities to support the rural economy. By establishing local networks of production and usage the financial and environmental costs of transport are minimised and the use of biomass provides an economic incentive to manage woodland which improves biodiversity.  Many biomass fuels generate lower levels of atmospheric pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, which contributes to ‘acid rain’. 

There are a growing number of Woodchip and Wood Pellet suppliers available. We have detailed here some of the more local operators in the South West who would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Rawnsley Woodland Products

The Solar Sawmill
Higher Brynn Farm, Victoria
St Austell 
Cornwall PL26 8LH  
Telephone: 01726 890561
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Cornovia Tree Services Ltd

43 Dolcoath Road
Cornwall TR14 8RW
Telephone: 01209 715010
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Park Farm

The Woodyard
Cornwall TR1 1SX
Telephone: 07801 229641
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Forest Fuels Ltd

The Old Clay Dry, Luxulyan
Cornwall PL30 5EF 
Telephone: 01409 281977

Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Tamar Joinery Company

Holm Oak, Bere Alston
Devon PL20 7HJ 
Telephone: 01822 840848

Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-op

Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet
Devon, PL20 6SG 
Telephone: 01364 631250
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Forest Fuels Ltd

Dotton Farm
Newton Poppleford
Devon EX10 0JY 
Telephone:01409 281977
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Teign Trees and Gardens

Clearwater, Bishopsteignton Road
Devon TQ14 9PH 
Telephone: 01626 773499
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

South Devon Biomass Company Ltd

Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust
21 Old Mill Road
Devon TQ2 6AU 
Telephone: 01803 606035
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Devon Biofuels Ltd

Higher Sessland, Spreyton
Devon EX17 5BA 
Telephone: 01837 840614
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Forest Fuels Ltd

Grascott Farm, Shebbear
Devon EX21 5RW 
Telephone: 01409 281977
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Tawmix Timber Products Ltd

Websitewinkleigh Airfield
Devon EX19 8DW 
Telephone: 01237 475389
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Loxhore Logs 

Rye Farm, Loxhore Cross
Devon EX31 4ST 
Telephone: 01271 850642
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Bonedry Woodfuel

Natsley Farm, Brayford
Devon EX32 7QR 
Telephone: 01598 710358
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Barle Valley Forestry 

Sunnydale, Station Road
Somerset TA22 9AD 
Telephone: 01398 323213
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Devon Briquettes

Holdridge Cross Workshops
North Molton
Devon EX36 3HG
Telephone: 01598 740197
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Ford Barton Wood Fuels

Ford Barton, Stoodleigh
Devon EX16 9PP 
Telephone: 01398 351139
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Dr Heat 

Pitt Farm Cottage
Devon EX16 7PU 
Telephone: 01884 242550
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Exmoor Woodfuel

Crosses Leigh Cottage
Langford, Budville
Somerset TA21 ORT 
Telephone: 01823 401537
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Fouracre Brothers

Fordbridge Sawmills, Milverton
Somerset TA4 1LD 
Telephone: 01823 400244
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Nigel Dunn Forest Products

Georges Farm, Cutsey
Taunton TA3 7NT 
Telephone: 01823 421530
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Woof Woodfuel

Farnham Cottage, Sector Lane
Devon EX13 5RZ 
Telephone: 01297 34797
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Ecowood Fuels Ltd

Devon EX15 3PF 
Telephone: 01823 680546
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Forest Fuels Ltd

Dotton Farm
Newton Poppleford
Devon EX10 0JY 
Telephone: 01409 281977
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Tincknell Green Energy

Head Office, Glastonbury Road
Somerset BA5 1TQ 
Telephone: 01749 673661
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Westcountry Woodlands Ltd

Chestnut Cottage, Venny Tedburn
Devon EX17 3QD 
Telephone: 01363 777097
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs

Forever Fuels Ltd

Barton Barn Farm, Chichacott Lane
Devon EX20 1RH 
Telephone: 01628 509690
Fules Supplied Woodchip, Pellets, Logs