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St Wenn School

St Wenn School
5D Group were commissioned by British Gas to design and install a 60kW Biomass boiler system to replace the existing night storage and electric heaters in this village church primary school. St Wenn were the fortunate winners of a British Gas community grant competition to provide energy saving measures to the school. This included energy saving lighting, solar panels and a new Biomass boiler. However, due to the proximity of the village church next door, which also needed it's heating system replaced, it seemed sensible for both the School and Church to benefit from the boiler installation.

An agreement was brokered by 5D Group and agreed by British Gas to connect both buildings to the single boiler to maximise the return for the community - a real example of the community working together with a major utility supplier.

Due to the desire to reduce the impact of the work on the school to a minimum a packaged plant room was assembled 'off site' and installed over a weekend. In addition 5D Group designed and installed a brand new plumbing system to replace the existing electric heaters. This too was installed over a half term week to minimise disruption and proved a worthy challenge for the 5D Group team working in some tight spaces in this old building.

A 60kW Froling pellet boiler was installed, connected and commissioned in a little over a week and the school now has hot water and heating which is affordable and efficient and it they will benefit from the Government's renewable heat incentive scheme over the next 20 years.