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The property is a large 1980’s detached house set in its own grounds with a large internal pool room, Jacuzzi and gym, along with an external pool and Jacuzzi. The primary energy source was heating oil, with two separate modern oil boilers. The heating bills were costing around £5700 per year. After carrying out a detailed survey of the main house and outbuildings, and after detailed discussion with the client, it was identi ed that a Biomass boiler would signi cantly reduce their running costs. As there is a business run from the property the client is able to capitalise on the RHI scheme to help repay cover the cost of the installation.

A detailed feasibility report was conducted and the client decided a Danish ‘Twin Heat’ boiler best matched their desire for automation, exibility and a robust build quality. The installed boiler is estimated to save them around £2,500 in annual fuel costs and provide an income of around £8,000 from the RHI giving them a payback in just under 4 years.

Mark Boulting comments:
I was looking for a way to save on the signi cant energy costs to heat the house and new indoor swimming pool as well as my of ce at home. 5D Group made me aware of the government support for renewable energy and guided me through the options available. They listened carefully to my needs and their expertise in being able to translate this into a working design is second to none. As a result, I installed both Solar panels and a Biomass Boiler, burning sawdust (as I had a ready supply available) and am now reaping the bene ts of both Government support and lower energy costs. 5D GROUP come highly recommended”.